What is your perspective of what is happening around you today? If all things “negative” is happening, should this mean that your perspective is negative? However challenging the day, the circumstance or the moment is, finding a DIFFERENT or BETTER perspective is key to mental wellness. If feeling down because life is beating HARSHLY, then this will disable our personal space and life. For many days are different for many people. Yet, we all have to seek a different perspective. Sometimes there is NOTHING we can do to change the circumstance or situation. But CHANGING PERSPECTIVE brings energy, peace, wellness and even a more positive sense of living. A better perspective is needed by everyone and anyone. It does help to think better about something that’s worse.

A better perspective

3 responses to “Perspective”

  1. Yes Lord, help us to have a Heavenly perspective for our situation and circumstances!!

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  2. BeautifulWomenRetreats Avatar

    Thanks! A work in progress. 😊


  3. I love this!!!


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