I have learnt that with every season there’s a reason. Just recently about 4 days ago the weather in Cape Town became icy cold, snow covered nearby mountains, stormy gale force wind and pelting rain. It felt like the cold and wet was trying to consume us and that the stormy weather was trying to destroy us. It never succeeded. Yes, there was storm damage but we survived the storm. Once the storm was over, it was. Over. Now we are 4 days later and today there is no sign of that storm. In fact, today was like a summers day. Feeling the sunshine and the warmth was almost unrecognisable as we enjoyed the sunshine and warm weather today. Seasons. They will come and they will go. What is your life feeling like at the moment? Is it a season you’re going through? Could it be that if you held on in this season that it will be over soon?

There are different seasons of our lives. Good, bad, happy, sad, This season of the pandemic easily takes its toll on us. One minute I’m enjoying being home and the next minute I feel exceptionally “locked down” In this season of lockdown I have to remember that it will pass. It might not be promising an end, but it might reveal an adjustment. Possibly an adjustment to my acceptance of the season. For each day has its own problems. As Max Lucado mentions: “Why let tomorrow’s problems rob tonight’s rest?” Mathew 6:34 “…each day has worries of its own…” Resting in the process of the season in my life helps me be WELL. It gives me a sense of “belonging” in the season as I wait for it to pass. Not quitting, just resting. Allowing my seasons to have a reason is to allow Christ into the core of it. This changes EVERYTHING!

Resting in the process moves my life from a season to a reason as to why I’m living and alive in the process. Enduring the pain, the change and the process teaches me to expect the difference and change that is on its way. So, embrace the season. Do not take it for granted. It could be your most valuable asset in changing you for good.

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