The Colours of my life

The colours of my Life

Today, like all my days, I am ETERNALLY grateful. The tapestry woven through my life has been wrought with pain, disappointment and fear. But TODAY, the tapestry reveals the brightness and blending of color woven together, bringing together all that was lost, all that was hurting, into a design filled with HOPE and GRACE. Only until the last stitch from God is fixed, will I see the full design. Only then.

Holding on to the colour is ALL that is required. Even when the darkness of some days hurt and agitate, I remember that this colour is needed to complete my life. The anxiety, the fears and the frustrations all make up a part of my purpose. Nothing is without purpose or reason. In some of my writing to you you’ll find a word that I use that very few use or like. The word DEPRESSION. A darkness of loneliness, sadness and tiredness that at the moment of its existence is so “real”.

This time is the time when the tapestry of colour is not even visible. This is the time when all is bleak and without life. But it is indeed part of my life. And the next days that darkness gets lighter as the tapestry which is my family, friends, relationships and support grows. Without these my tapestry of my life would disappear. So I’ll hold on. I’ll wait.

God has created a huge, complex tapestry with our lives. It’s got shadows and darkness shot through with highlights of gold. We can never go back and undo those threads and weave them into something else.

Elizabeth Camden, A Gilded Lady

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