When it RAINS and POURS

This past weekend we experienced very heavy rain. In fact it was a storm with wind howling and rain falling. At the time we were on a bit of a break at a seaside little town about an hours drive from home. I LOVE the rain! Watching it from my cozy armchair makes me appreciate ALL I have today, and all that is good for me.

And then there are those who are desolate and homeless. Safety………such a rare thing for quite a few people ‘out there’.

Thinking of SO MANY caught out in this bad weather. People in Delft. Outdoor functions happening today! Oh my word! what a wet day it is!

Amidst the storm outside, I feel the safety and the assurance, that no matter what turns my life takes, sometimes clouds are needed to bring the rain. And when the rain comes, it will satisfy the earth with what it did not expect.

There is a SILENCE that happens when the heavens open up with rain. Its as if the Almighty God reveals HIS heart in every drop. Does doubt and fear still abide in many? Yes it does. Especially those exposed to the harsh reality that their only choice in life is to find the RAIN MAKER. He knows how to make the rain. But in essence, He also knows clearly how to POUR into us HIS own love and desires. We can trust the rainmaker.

We are secure in the storm when we trust in Him. Nobody likes to be found in the rain. Yet, if we allow ourselves to walk in the rain, we might just feel HIM in every drop.

There is an expression that says “if you want the rainbow, then you must want the rain”

When our circumstances need us to make the choice to “walk by faith and not by sight” then we are not aware of dangers or of trouble.

Refreshing or Trying RAIN Rain serves so many purposes. Some good and some bad. Yet, for most of the people I know, rain represents DISASTER. Rural townships flooding, city-wise destruction caused by hail and gale forced rain.

For those who need refreshment or those who need cleansing. Rain comes to serve a purpose. So I shall appreciate the rain. Today I shall! For I shall trust the One who makes the rain.

“Rain poured down, rivers flooded, and winds beat against that house. But it was built on solid rock, and so it did not fall.” Matthew 7:25 CEV

“Sometimes You Don’t Know You’re Built on a Rock Until the Storm Passes” Timothy Brown

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