I will Rise up and go…….

The battery in me has slowed down considerably. My energy levels have deteriorated so badly. Depression and fatigue is trying to take hold of me.

I LONG to soar again! Down below I see too much pain, hunger and sorrow. I want to soar like an eagle. I want to have energy and strength. If I stay on the ground too long, I might die. There is only one way and that is UP.

Lift me up please Lord. Raise my body from its place of fatigue and call me to higher. I don’t want to miss out on what’s happening higher than the ground. I NEED more of You.

As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you...Isaiah 66:13

Help me rise up today, and go and have coffee with friends. Women who love and appreciate me and women who have my need for fellowship at heart. I NEED to lift my body from this bed. My head hurts, and my mind is filled with stale and sore memories .

I MUST SOAR! Take me higher. Where my trust is without borders. I want to walk upon the water wherever you will call or lead me. MAKE me rise up Lord!

Maybe this is your need today too. Like me, you feel as if there is NO WAY that you’ll get past the bed. But writing this blog with honesty and transparency today has already allowed my body weight to shift. From horizontal to vertical. So I aim to rise. Are you? Let’s do it together. Let’s wash our faces and face the world STRONG! Knowing that Our Maker is our refuge!

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