The Mask

There’s much more than a virus out there.

There’s a plague of dis humanity, hopelessness, expressionless, disconnection, isolation, and the plague of fear.

Watching children at play wearing masks is the saddest thing to see. I asked a young child in the mall this morning: “why do you wear a mask?”. He’s reply was simple: “ To protect me from the virus.” This saddens me. Yes, this pandemic is REAL. It’s just a pity that children are losing the FUN out of playing and then their minds are made up for them as to what they should fear.

The plague of fear outweighs our hope if we allow it. Therefore we will outweigh this through Worship. Through faith. Through Hope. Through our expression. With or without masks! We should not lose our desire to be ourselves. There’s an expression that says that the eyes are the window to the soul. This pandemic is HOPEFULLY reaching us to look into each other’s eyes. This will reveal what is really happening to the soul. So t be afraid to make eye contact.

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