What we see & what we say

In this season even where we are experiencing isolation and even confusion, we need to be able to say something about it! Healing ourselves through honest living is extremely helpful during this time.

The most important fact is HOW we say and WHAT we say. Remaining considerate, thoughtful and kind is a continuous battle of our will and temperament.

I recently heard the expression: “love as if you’ve never been hurt before”. Such a challenging suggestion of what is against most of our natural response or attitude.

“Hurt people hurt”


The mouth speaks what the eyes see. Or the mouth speaks what the heart feels. These are our “excuses”. Yet there is a world of dying people. Not just from the virus, but heart hurting people who suffer at the hands of arrogant, obnoxious, self centred and uncaring individuals. I remember a little Sunday school song: “Oh be careful little eyes what you see. Oh be careful little mouth what you speak. For the Father up above is looking down in love. Oh be careful…….

Living our lives considerate of one another is essential for even our own wellness. I am finding myself more and more looking to make peace with these offenders, and in turn I am making sure that my actions do not offend anybody. This does not mean that I am perfect. It simply means I am in process.

In this season of pandemic and isolation, I find myself “looking” at my life’s content with more seriousness and intent. Visiting an ophthalmologist recently revealed that I was losing peripheral vision in my left eye. As a permanent “fix” of the problem is not available to remove the problem, he suggests drops applied to the eye on a regular and daily basis. This will help to reduce the pressure in the eye. Therefore, I continue to see but not able to see everything clearly. Straight ahead but not to the side. Unless I turn towards the object. I decided to call it “avoiding tunnel vision”. So when I now look at something I turn my head at a slight angle in order to see the FULL quality of my vision. Or, the full picture for that matter. Interesting!

So I end with this: Just keep an eye on your mouth and your eyes. Make sure that you are not offended, and totally make sure that you’re not the offender. Let’s be careful in how we express ourselves.

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  1. Very well written


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