She lives.

In the midst of the noise in her there is silence of birds chirping, the splashing of river water, ducks making conversation and the laughter of children playing.

Then there’s a woman kneeling in anguish and pain. In sorrow and desperation she waits. A woman so broken by life and the result of living.

Nobody sees the woman. No one is there. The therapeutic sounds of life have no effect on her. She’s seeking. She’s lost. She’s waiting. But nobody comes to help her.

Then by chance she looks up and sees that the clouds in the sky are darkening. There is no silver lining. She realizes it’s about to rain. The sounds of therapy change to sounds of rain and thunder.

She keeps looking at the sky. Now she realizes that the person or thing that holds the silver lining and controls the sounds of therapy also control this. This noise of thunder and rain.

So she runs! She runs! For she has just remembered that life holds her too! It consists of her too! She has life…..

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