The Way I Feel

The way I’ve been feeling is what “they” say I shouldn’t say.

I shouldn’t go by my feelings is what “they” say.

So what may I ask is this that beats at me with a stick?

This sense of isolation that makes me weak?

The way I’m discarded as one who doesn’t “need”

The way I’m feeling is almost like the sun setting on a stormy day. You can’t see the sun setting. You just know it’s the time.

I’m angry and hurt at the way I’m made to feel.

I’m supposed to be the Strong One.

No pain for me. No dismay. No offence. No defence. No hurt and never a gain.

Just needing a friend to whisper “it’s gonna be okay”

Just a word of encouragement saying: “you know what? You’re so right!”

So here I am today with the way I feel. What to do. Who to talk to. Where to go, and what to live for.

There’s no way for me.

Only this way.

The way that I feel.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll heal. GcM

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