These are the beats of my Heart

When I’m feeling lost, I look for these. When my days are dark, I look for these.

In a matter of minutes or seconds my heart would change rhythm when one of these enter the room where I’m locking myself up in. These are the beats of my heart. I cling to them.

No day is perfect without them in it. No night is short enough without me seeing them at the morning. These heartbeats of mine each have their own way of pleasing, protecting and perfecting me.

Each in their unique way have witnessed me sad, lost and even sadder. But they have known over time what it is that I need. Even when the words out of my mouth “I just want to be left alone” pour out, they each know that this is not me.

For they know what I NEED. I need security, love, patience and people. These 3 people make me change. They cause me to rise up each day and face every dark day. And with gentle touches, quick hugs and soft words I feel like moving again.

I get up. I move. I even smile. And then I kick depression in the back! These three people make me win. Everytime. GcM

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