I do NOT enjoy CHANGE. I do not always cope with it. Good change, bad change and CHANGE that is created by disappointment is probably the worst kind of change. Just like the weather some change cannot be controlled.

I write this while I’m experiencing CHANGE. This is a different kind of CHANGE. This is the CHANGE I needed to do a long time ago.

As we started 2021 I was hoping that the global pandemic would have left. Nothing was changing. There is no change in our social restrictions. Yet, something was changing inside of me. I was experiencing a different kind of change. A laying down of what I am used to doing. A laying down of what I am good at doing. I have the experience. I have the talent. I have always been the one doing it.

The change that is beckoning me is a scary one. Stepping away. Letting somebody else do it. Knowing that I won’t disappear. I’ll just be stepping into the shadows a bit more so that I can reflect off Gods light.

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.” -Helen Keller

Moving my focus and facing the new position I find myself in is a metamorphosis of the person in me. Yet my roots still dig deep, allowing me to be steadfast even with CHANGE

How did I get here? Through active CHANGE. Every moment was a CHANGE. Every choice I have made brought CHANGE. I will not dawdle over what could have been, what was, without accepting the fact that ONE very important thing happened. CHANGE

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