“‘I saw the Lord always before me, for he is at my right hand that I may not be shaken’” (Acts 2:25).

It’s been a while and SO much has happened! 2nd January Covid positive. Mood negative. Time…it has gone.

While going through the waves and torrents of covid including mental, physical and even Spiritual battle, I felt on the 19th of the 21 days in bed the words of Jesus being whispered in my ears to say to me: Daughter, I pour my light into you. I guide you and do not leave you. I have good plans for your life. I love when you step toward Me to realize them.

I was in NO way able to step anywhere. In my min and heart and not in my physical body. It took me 5 minutes (FIVE PRECIOUS MINUTES) to get UP and go to the bathroom.

But ONE day I stepped OUT of my room and walked. Into the safest place for me that moment. 3 adults. All loving me. All believing that I will be better.

Whenever it feels as if TIME has not found me I begin to search for it in my memory. The memories of physical fatigue and pain can be ruthless when the mind is filled with mental PAUSE OF TIME. The anguish, anxiety of yesterday’s memory can be fatal to the body if I allow it to settle in. Often the exercise of GETTING UP allows me (Yes ME) the person inside of me to escape that.

Finding the person or people who are FOR you, beside you, behind you will allow you to see them and their own longings for time with you.

Time…….I will no longer spend it feebly. I will use it to CHANGE ME. So that others see me and the possibility of TIME…

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