One foot in front of the other. Back up straight, knees a little bent. This is MOVE?

I’m not one who chooses moving over sitting. I don’t even choose to STAND. But the greatest lesson I learnt in 6 weeks of travel is that you GAIN by movement and you LOSE if you do not move.

The evidence or even the sight and vision of any destination is in the process of movement. As painful, as tiring, as challenging. Once you reach your destination then MOVEMENT IS FORGOTTEN and the destination is visible. Movement makes a destination VALUABLE!

From 8th December 2022 to the 18th January 2023 my family and I travelled across 3 continents, Africa, USA and UK. 6 weeks of running for a plane, trains, and boarding gates. The Amazing Race of the McMinn Family! In all this time I learnt the BENEFIT OF MOVEMENT.

I will never regret the stairs I had to climb! Those helped me reach my destination. The buses and trains in their stuffiness got us to where we wanted to be. The walking helped me see cities, towns and people of so many different shades, cultures and dialects.

What an incredible thing MOVEMENT is! It had most certainly changed the way I see and feel about my body. There is now a respect I have not had before. This body of mine CAN MOVE! I’m SO grateful!

John Maxwell says: “Movement brings growth”.

KEEP MOVING beloved woman. MOVE!

To get to the top I had to MOVE!
And then the only way out was down the same stairs!

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