His faithfulness is Faithful

Faithful. A word that often is removed or replaced with entitled, deserving or qualify. Reliability in today’s life is often measured and confused with success. The media makes us all “look” reliable, qualified or deserving of what we have, what we do, or why we are where we are. Behind the facade is the knowledge that ONLY we ourselves will ever know what it costs for us to exist.

As I write this I am reminded so furiously of where I used to be and what STILL battles with me. David writes in the Psalms about the faithfulness and love of a God that has seen him, helped him and made him better. David was unfaithful, unreliable and unqualified. He finds that he cannot have come a distance without knowing His Gods faithfulness. God doesn’t turn His back on us. Even when we fail Him and do our own selfish and rebellious things. God remains faithful.

As a woman myself, I am not measured by an earthly man. I am measured by my own faithfulness in knowing who I am, and in realizing that without My God I am useless. Am I faithful to myself? Can I be trusted to know that God remains and is reliable MORE than I am? Does the unfailing love of God change my viewpoint, convict my thoughts and qualify me to understand who I am?

Once we know ourselves and God then the faithfulness and love of God will flow through us to a world that is lost and dying. When we trust the truth in us and act upon it, then God can trust us. We have NO idea where He might be taking us. All we have to do is trust Him. David ended up being a GREAT person because He trusted and believed God when he had and was nothing.

When we add these 5 letters “FAITH” to any prefix or suffix in English it changes the whole context. Let’s choose the correct way to measure and achieve. Let’s choose the first part FAITH and follow it with an honest look at our lives. Let’s be honest that ONLY the way we see ourselves will be the way others see us. With or without comparison. With or without judgement. But just maybe with faithfulness? Maybe with love?

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