Faith for Fear

Easy to say. Right? But when you’re an OCD and ORGANISED and SYSTEMATIC person like I can be then even Fear is an enemy. Why fear and not faith? Mmmmmm……….I suppose it’s the next thing to feel?

When I recognise fear for what it truly is then I should stay clear of it. But why does fear always try to be so visible and so active and sometime la a bit more powerful than faith?

I do not speak of faith just as Biblical Faith. I speak of FAITH AS ALL I Feel. Well, here’s what I am discovering. Faith (Biblical) is not what I feel but WHAT I KNOW. Hey!!!!!

Tell your feelings and your emotions to listen to your mind. For there you’ll find the good faith I speak of. The bad faith is thinking or knowing that I (I) can do it.

When I say goodbye to fear then I find FAITH awaiting near. In order for me to LIVE this life, get up in the morning, raise children, do my job, work at my marriage, relationships and my body I HAVE to know what FAITH is. It’s like walking around blind without depending upon n a stick. It’s like battling depression without anti-depressants.

Faith, true FAITH when I find it everyday, comforts, secures, encourages, protects and gives me HOPE. My Faith is relative to my Hope. So there! Goodbye fear. Hello FAITH!

Goodbye Fear

Letting go of the fear within me is truly trusting in what I cannot see. Like a blind person letting go of the stick and trusting in his/her other instincts provided by God. The one who created sight and sound. Letting go of what I know and to pursue what I do not know, yet knowing that what I have been given is inside of me and this I can use.

Therefore let me remember that I have more than what I am currently holding onto. My FAITJ and through Faith I discover that there is ABUNDANT GRACE. Gods Grace. Hello and welcome to Grace.

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