What is my happiness dependant on? How is it valuable or measured? Is what I have for happiness ENOUGH?

I am sitting in my favourite “hiding” spot watching the ocean. I jump with excitement as I see seals and dolphins playing in the water. Are they supposed to play together? It seems to me that they are happy. Yet I soon realise that where they are there could be sharks too! Strange….

Strange how we just cannot all play together in happiness without being on our guard for “sharks” Life always seems to alert us to some danger just in case we get TOO HAPPY.

At one of the other tables a very well dressed woman around my age is also sitting gazing out at the water. She doesn’t seem to be seeing what I’m seeing. That nature is showing and whoever her god is, but My Almighty God is showing me that happiness CAN be found. Sitting there clutching matching Louis Vuitton purse, handbag and even cellphone cover, I see that she’s just staring. Not looking. Not seeing happiness. She’s either sad or lonely.

This makes ME sad. Is happiness what we have in material things? Is happiness what we perceive? Is happiness what we experience? Would we know what happiness is when it happens?

The area that I’m sitting at sipping my drink had many different aspects of a place one could easily get lost in or swallowed up in the loud laughter & chatter of other patrons as well as the sounds of the waves crashing against the rocks.

Yet happiness is evident. In all that. It is there. It can be found. It depends on how and where I look and what I clutch onto. Happiness can be shared. Whether you have more fins than I have or your mouth is shaped differently than mine. or even if your squeal of happiness outshines mine. We can still share happiness.

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